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What is my client avatar?

What is my client avatar?

I want to work with successful people

Q. What does successful people mean to me?

~ People who are focus driven

~ Hard working

~ Consistent

~ Keep going even when the going gets tough

~ Contribute/gratitude

I have had many conversations with successful individuals and they have all have/had a need, a desire to achieve bigger than themselves ...

Their reasons have all been different on the outside and then underneath there is a desire to prove they can, to be their best, to provide, to contribute, some have come from humble beginnings and their focus has been to work hard even when the going has got tough and then tough some more than the average person would have given up. What has kept them going? What has driven them when others would have accepted that they haven’t got the means to keep going? Even when they have been battling with the environment, their health, their private life. What drives people to keep going? Is it because their ‘WHY’ is bigger than their adversity?

Is that what we require to keep going ... our ‘why’? Even when others have stopped or telling us to stop, even when our health is showing us signs that we must stop... and we keep going?

These are the people I want to work with! Focused, driven, hardworking, consistent, and they know their ‘musts’ and something is missing ...?

My ‘Why’, is my Father. He was a driven man, never stopped, provided for his family, nothing got in his way, nothing! This man couldn’t read or write and he still became financial successful. He worked hard, played hard, contributed, would buy people a weeks shopping and turn up and fill their fridges and freezers out of the blue. He would buy clothes, help financially to children in need and so on. He never forgot his humble beginnings.

His legacy is still going on after 21 years after his passing.

You may ask why then do I want to work with successful people because they have everything and why would they want to work with me ...?

My experience as a child of a successful father was he wasn’t present with me, my mother or sister, he never stopped working, he never turned his brain off from work, he was always creating the next big deal, in those days there weren’t mobile phones and still that minor detail didn’t stop him creating or talking or thinking or focusing on making money.

I am not saying that all successful people are not having it all, financial Independant, a passionate relationship, magnificent family life, friends, optimum health and well-being .. that’s where my work comes in as a coach. These people are so focused on the financial success that at the cost of not giving their relationships or family life or their health as much focus something has to give. It takes as much work to create a successful business as a passionate relationship, family life or health and well being.

I really look forward to having a conversation with you.



mobile: +44(0)793 9066 780

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