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The stories we tell ourselves ...

Q. What do I mean by stories?

Our stories are made up of facts and the meanings we give them.

Q. Why do we have stories?

Q. What is the purpose of them?

Q. Do they encourage us going forward?

A. Yes they can. Example ‘I have a great memory’

Q. Do they stop us in our tracks?

A. Yes they can. Example ‘I have a terrible memory’

Q. What stories do you tell yourself?

‘I had a story that I was stupid because at school Dyslexia wasn’t recognised and I was put into low ability classes and treated differently to my friends. It not only made me believe that I was stupid through life, I looked for evidence that it was true. I created an identity, which gave me certainly, that I was right. The facts are; I am Dylexic, I learn differently to non Dyslexics, I can’t listen and take notes at the same time, I am a visual learner, I use colour and different font size, I see the big picture, I am fully present and take information in differently (to a non dylexic person). The story I created, that I was stupid and I couldn’t retain information, break information down and didn’t understand when information was given to be fast, kept me safe. I wouldn’t put myself in a situation where I felt stupid, I played small, I didn’t shine my light, everyone esle knew more than me etc. Thankfully I decided to change my story with the power of having a coach and created a new story; ‘I am Dylexic and it is a gift, enabling me to shine my light and help others to shine theirs!’

Suggested book to read; ‘The Gift of Dyslexic’ by Ronald D Davis.

Q. What story have you been telling yourself to keep you safe, or right? (same thing).

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