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State or Story?

The Ego’s job is to protect us!

It makes up lots of stories to do that. What the ego does is reflect our emotions outwards by blaming someone, situation or thing, without taking responsibility for what we are doing or not.


“I am on my own, no-one wants to spend time with me, they are all busy with their families, partners and work commitments.”

The truth is;

“I am keeping myself so busy to avoid the uncomfortable feelings/emotions inside of me. I don’t want to see, feel or hear them and I then become so disconnected with myself and I then feel totally isolated.”

My ego will then support that by stacking evidence, creating stories and showing me that I am right! “Yes you are alone and there is no-one there for you as everyone is busy with their families, friends, work etc.”

This becomes our addictions - even though they are feelings of possible sadness, loneliness, they give us that feeling of Certainly at the same time.

Your ego says; ‘I am justified to feel these feelings of ... because of this ... and that ...”

This is not who you are!

This is a pattern, a habit, an outdated identity that gives you instant emotions of Certainly and Power!


  1. Now start creating how you want to feel by creating a new State and Meaning. (Have a look at “I want to feel differently “ how to create a Triad in an earlier blog).

  2. Write all the things you want to do.

  3. Who do I need to become to create this new State;

- What do I want?

- How do I want to feel?

- What action steps and really break these done to winnable steps?

- Time limit, to help you focus on your outcome?

- Get a Coach to work even deeper and banish these stories for good!

Unknown says, “when you are in your shit you are in’ Unresourcefulness’ so you will be unable to help anyone or even yourself.”

State or Story?

Unknown says, “... it is like holding on to your own shit!”

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