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What are you tolerating?

Tolerating means putting up with ...

Q. What are you putting up with?

  • The minor irritations of life ...

Q. What have you got time for now during this pandemic?

  • Time you wouldn’t normally have had pre pandemic

Chunking is a way of breaking things down to manageable steps, prevent becoming overwhelmed. It will depend on the individual.

Q. What can you manage?

Q. How could you chunk things, to enable you to manage your outcome?

Q. Could you enhance the quality of your mind by giving attention to the minor instances and take action?

Q. How can I break this down to a few chunks?

  • Pause

  • Step back and look at the thing

  • Make notes

  • Use post it notes

  • Breaking it down to a number of elements - instead of the whole

Start with something small to build the moral, momentum, gain inner confidence, enthusiasm and discipline.

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