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... the acronym for Fear

Fear Evidence Appearing Real F.E.A.R. is an illusion. Q. where does fear start? If everything we feel starts with a thought, then where does fear start? A. In our Minds … The same Thoughts repeated over and over again creating our Reality. … so, if we are thinking thoughts of Gratitude “I am grateful for my wellbeing”,” I am grateful for the roof over my head”, “I am grateful for the food on my plate”, Q. … how will we feel? A. happy, safe, joyful, abundant, creating certainly … … if we are thinking thoughts of Fear “its dangerous …”, “its scary …”, “I am not safe …” Q. … how will we feel? A. scared, frightened, creating uncertainly … The Antidote Gratitude ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’ … being grateful for what you have, puts us out of “Survival Brain” our unresourceful state and into “Creative Brain” our resourceful state. It changes our Emotional State and then we can create; what we want rather than what we don’t want! Q. What do you want to Create? Q. What do you want in your life? Q. How do you want to feel? Q. What do you want to have?

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