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Resourceful State -v- Unresourceful State

Q. What does resourceful mean? A. Anything that gets you from where you are to where you want to get to? A. It may be anything you are naturally good at and don’t even know or a change of focus! A. Example: organising, great sense of humour, kindness, sleep well, mindset ... Q. Who do you know that are naturally good at ......... A. Friends, Colleagues, Communities you are apart of, Groups ... Q. What resourceful state do I need to create? A. Confident, Organisation, Consistent ... Questions we can ask ourselves; Q. What resources do I need to take me from my present moment to where I want to get to? Q. What can I do that I haven’t thought of that can be a resource? Q. What State do I need to create to get my end result? Unresourceful State Focusing on what we don’t want. We are in a place of survival and from this place we cannot create as we are in survival and preparing for the worst scenario. Example: “this may happen..... and then what am I going to do?” “I dont want to feel this way...”

“I don’t want to ....” From this State we cannot create as we are totally focused on the lack and not on the abundance of possibility.

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