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Mindset during the pandemic...

Our brains were designed to protect us... detecting danger, it’s our survival machine... cave men and women required it to survive from sabre tooth tigers, eating the wrong berry. This is our survival instinct.

We have inherited the instinct but we are presently living in a very different world where it is; pandemic, lockdown, focus on our health, loss finances, furlough, working from home and parenting at the same time, 2 meters apart, getting to the supermarket and queuing outside the store, around the car park, wearing disposable gloves and masks to name a few realities at the moment in time .... normally its go, go go, achieve, achieve, achieve, emails, text messages, facebook and may still be reality as well?

It feels impossible unless...

Our thoughts create our reality, meaning whatever we focus on creates a feeling and from that feeling we react, we take action or not. For example if you are focusing on that “I am in danger, there is a pandemic and I am going to die”, or a loved one or friend is, how are you going to be feeling? Terrified! It is going to put you in a state of survival and our brains can either be in ‘survival’ or ‘creation’ at one time.

What is the answer?

The great thing is that we have the power to control our thoughts by choosing, what we are going to focus on? what meaning we are going to give? Imagine if we took our power back and took responsibility of our thoughts?

Jim Rohn “Every Day, stand guard at the door of your Mind”

How would we feel, if we chose to take our power back and choose our meaning of how we want to feel? What a whole different experience!

We are the CEO of our lives, the creator of our world, the magician of our experiences!

The outside world; pandemic, family, finances, health, and so on are only the trigger to what is going on in the inside of our minds. How we response is our control - what we focus on? What meaning we give it?

Survival or Creative Brian?

Our choice.. how can we create and change our state?

Are we going to create new meaning to this time? “This is lockdown or a Retreat at Home?,” “I’ve got too much to do” or “I am going to embrace this time”, “This is hell” or “This is an opportunity to create... a new habit, a new hobby, a new mindset” My go to is ...

! Changing our focus from survival to creation is the antidote. Change our focus on the things that we are grateful for, starting with the little things ... ‘I can make myself a cup of tea’, ‘I can hear the birds sing’, ‘the flowers in the garden - how beautiful,’. The brain is trained to look for danger, now we can take back responsibility and choose to give new meaning and focus on the great things in our lives and meaning!

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