• Marianne Spiteri

... does anyone feel they have had enough of this pandemic?

I have ...

This weekend I had officially had enough of it. I wanted to go out and have fun, go to all my groups that I enjoy, see my friends and just do what I wanted to do without feeling controlled!

Interesting ... ‘I felt controlled’, ‘I felt that I didn’t have a choice’, ‘I felt that I was bored’, ‘I felt that someone/thing had power over me!’

Question: Who else feels like that?

Then I realised that I had let my mind take control over how I wanted to feel!!!!

**How I think, creates how I feel, how I feel equals what I do or be.

In short: Think = Feel = Do/Be

Questions to ask:

Q. How do I want to feel?

Q. What is my truth?

Q. What do I need to focus on to have the feelings I want?

Question: Is it that easy?

(Drums roll) ...

... Yes it is!!!


I asked myself a question ... Is this true?

Is this really true? ( example ‘That I have no control over the way I feel?’)

Of course the answer was ‘no it isn’t true, I have the CHOICE to decide what I want to focus on

to feel the way I want to feel.


I have control over the thoughts I think - I have a choice to decided how I want to feel - I am in control of what I focus on and unless I give my power away to anyone or anything, then that is my Choice!

Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you. Thanks Marianne!


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