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Marianne Spiteri Professional Life Coaching was founded out of the passion for helping others and in doing so learning and actioning the tools to best help individuals. Marianne has honed these skills over the past 30 years as an experienced alternative coach and therapist and is able to offer custom coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs. Whether it’s helping recently diagnosed cancer patients or persons experiencing significant life change, such as a divorce or promotion, Marianne has experience supporting a vast range of clients and is able to provide the correct treatment for any individual or team. Marianne currently services a global network of clients whilst providing support to committed adults of many different ages, children, and teams.

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I have been pulling my hair for years. It had progressed from twizzling it as a child, to fiddling with it and pulling it out as an adult. Committing to working with Marianne was a huge step as it required a commitment of time that I didn’t have. Marianne was adept at asking the questions that got me to think about what the habit gave me, how else I might fulfil that in my life, and most importantly prioritise my needs. The progress was incremental, but profound, and I am so grateful to her for her kindness and support. She is truly gifted.



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