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Harmony -v- Disharmony - with guests staying over during pandemic

My daughter and her boyfriend came over for ‘Mother’s Day’ weekend and decided to stay Monday evening as there were rummers that there was a possible lockdown.

Monday evening; around 8pm and we were in lockdown and they both decided to stay. We needed to go to their flat and gather some of their belongings for the possible 3 weeks ...

3 weeks have now become 6 weeks so far ...

How do you model harmony with your daughter and her boyfriend living as a unit at this moment in time? (Or anyone).

  1. Clear communication - who is doing what? When?

  2. Daily or weekly board meeting - ‘Let’s have a weekly chat like a board meeting’

  3. What has shown up this day/week?

  4. What were you not happy about?

  5. Anything you need to say - let them speak and everyone gets to speak. As everyone is understanding and appreciating what they are saying, so you can all get on better.

  6. Then move on and we can have another great day/week.

  7. Everyone gets use to these regular chats; this way everyone gets use to sharing what’s bugging them and everyone gets to receive it.

  8. They don’t have to answer straight away - if they can’t. They can go away and think about it and then they can come back to the table as everyone needs to be honoured.


We all have different ways of communicating and especially at a time of uncertainly can add to the difficultly of expressing one’s self. Blame, deflect and deny can easily be the result.

When that is the case, it may mean that the person is really unhappy/scared and can’t find the words to express how they really feel. It maybe they just want to say something and be heard.

Q. What’s really going on for your at the moment?

Q. What do you need?

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