Our Work

We tailor our coaching service to our clients' individual needs. Professional Life Coaching can be inclusive of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-lingustic Programming, Goal Mapping, Health & Well-being and Personal Performance Coaching or a combination of multiple techniques. Our service is completely unique and adapted to your specific circumstances.

Common things we can help you with are: Creating new habits, dealing with change, time management, relationships, motivation, anxiety/stress, career development, financial independence, health, self-image, self-worth, phobias, quitting smoking, compulsive disorders.

Naturally, not all of what we are able to help you with is listed so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Personal Performance Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching (PPC) is a professional relationship that inspires change through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximise their personal professional potential.

Business Coaching

We work within the business to support individual members of staff to enable optimum performance and meeting of targets and goals. The aim is to provide the support network for individuals to utilise so they can overcome any issues they may have.

Hypnotherapy & Neuro-linguistic Programming

The objective of Hypnotherapy is to reconnect you to your unconscious mind in order to make changes. Neuro-linguistic Programming uses suggestive language and actions to reprogram your perceptions and behaviour.

Health & Well-being Transformation

Working with and empowering an individual with a variety of conditions and ailments, ie anxiety, self confidence, lack of motivation, poor sleep, time management etc, to help them overcome them.

Goals & Career Coaching

Goals and Career Coaching allows an individual to discover their true passions in their career and help them discover which direction they want to move forward in.

Workshops & Group Coaching

Helping groups and teams deal with time management, stress, confidence, and change issues that are affecting individual and overall group performance.